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Micki’s Corner

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Wisdom for the Day

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What feels better Love or Hate?

Micki’s Corner

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This week has shown us that dedication to the cause will prevail. Our country has once again tenaciously planned and executed our mission to keep this country free. Unfortunately, it took ten years and the lives of many brave military men and women to accomplish this first step in ending terrorism around the world.
During this time, the loved ones left behind, especially the children, needed a vehicle to help them create new memories and share in a communal healing process. Snowball Express was created to insure these children understood Americans felt their pain and wanted to help them unite with other children just like themselves.
The Holiday Season is the most difficult time of the year for families of our fallen American heroes. Snowball Express for the past five years has brought together the children of our fallen American heroes for five days and four nights, totally free, to help them understand Americans are grateful for the gift they have given to keep our country free and help them to put smiles on their faces as they share in the comraderie of new friends who have experienced the same loss.
To all Americans at this time of reflections on the past week, please take a few minutes to join the Snowball Express team at http://snowballexpress.org and make a donation to help us continue the process of saluting the children of our fallen military heroes.

Micki’s Corner

On the Tee Americans United

September 11, 2001 created chaos in the world; it took 24 hours for Americans to come together in unity getting involved in working together to create a passion for helping one another overcome the attack on our country.   This year on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 American Golfers will stand united to celebrate, remember and engage with each other in Standing United.  Join Golf 9/12 for the week starting with 9/5 America’s Labor Day of rekindling the spirit of unity we all felt on 9/12/2001

Go to www.golf912.org and register to play a round of golf at your local course, club or resort during that week.  Your $12.00 registration fee will go towards helping many of the military organizations that have come on board to assist our country overcome the trials of losing loved ones, healing lives and creating a legacy for future generations. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to join you in Standing United to make a Better World.

Ariz. Gov’s Plan: Fine Obese Adults, Smokers

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As part of a plan to revamp the state’s Medicaid program, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer announced on Thursday that she is proposing fees for adults who lead unhealthy lives.

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Ariz. Gov’s Plan: Fine Obese Adults, Smokers

Navy Permanently Removes Raunchy Captain

The Pentagon makes the temporary suspension of USS Enterprise Capt. Owen Honors a permanent loss of the command, a move that effectively ends the Navy career of the popular and successful commander.

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Navy Permanently Removes Raunchy Captain

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