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Hospitals Overcharging Patients, Nurses’ Union Says

January 7, 2014 Featured, Health, News, World No Comments

National Nurses United has crunched hospital pricing data for 16 years.

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Hospitals Overcharging Patients, Nurses’ Union Says

Liz Cheney drops out of Senate race

January 7, 2014 Featured, Health, World No Comments

Liz Cheney cited serious health issues in her family when she withdrew from the U.S. Senate race she had hoped to win in Wyoming. It was rocky campaign, with Cheney facing accusations of carpetbagging and trying to coast on her father's coattails. She also got into a public feud with her sister Mary about same-sex marriage

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Liz Cheney drops out of Senate race

Mysterious Illness Leaves Boy Unable to Blink

January 6, 2014 Featured, Health, News, World No Comments

Mysterious illness leaves boy unable to blink and his family is searching for answers.

Forceps Delivery Crushed Baby’s Skull, Caused Death: Family

January 4, 2014 Featured, Health, News, World No Comments

Allen Coats, 25, and his fiance Rachel Melancon, 24, say they repeatedly asked the doctor to perform a cesarean in advance of the Christmas Day due date because of the large size of the baby, but he refused.

12 Ways to Get Your Daily Vitamin D

January 3, 2014 Featured, Health, News, World No Comments

Learn which foods can help you get your daily vitamin D.

Medical Mystery: What Caused Woman’s Premature Hot Flashes?

January 3, 2014 Featured, Health, News, World No Comments

Syndi Miske underwent a six-hour surgery in 2011 because she thought it would help her have another baby, but she never got pregnant, according to a complaint she and her husband filed in Nebraska.

5-Hour Energy ‘Refused’ to Supply Full Documents in Lawsuit

January 3, 2014 Featured, Health, News, World No Comments

An investigation into 5-Hour Energy suggests potentially fake health claims.

Chicago Girl, 9, Delivers Own Baby Sister

January 2, 2014 Featured, Health, News, World No Comments

Girl delivers her own baby sister.

Reddit User Posts $55,000 Hospital Bill for Appendectomy

January 1, 2014 Featured, Health, News, World No Comments

A 20-year-old took to Reddit after a hospital unexpectedly billed him $55,000 to remove a ruptured appendix.


  • Google Impact Challenge UK: 10 ideas to make the world better July 28, 2014
    Every year, the Google Impact Challenge in the UK gives British charities the opportunity to apply for a £500,000 to spend on a project, proposed by an organisation, which uses technology to solve a social problem. Here's our favourite ones. […]

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  • Brazzaville Summit No Guarantee for Peace in CAR July 28, 2014
    A recently-concluded three-day regional summit in the Congolese capital of Brazzaville narrowly delivered a much anticipated ceasefire agreement between Séléka and Anti-Balaka forces, the two major armed groups in the Central African Republic (CAR). Such an agreement does not, however, guarantee an end to the country’s deep crisis. Disarmament of the armed g […]

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  • Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 120 Light Flame July 1, 2014
    The 2014 Les Paul Standard brings contemporary tones and playability to a legendary template. Now Gibson USA adds commemorative Limited Run features and refined looks to make this superbly versatile guitar central to the 120th Anniversary celebrations. […]

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  • Grassroots Soccer Update June 10, 2014
    Grassroot Soccer (GRS) uses the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize communities to stop the spread of HIV. In April, GRS ran its five-day SKILLZ Holiday program with 62 students and seven teachers at Home of Hope (HOH). The program combines HIV prevention activities, soccer and group discussions to raise knowledge about HIV. Everyone had a grea […]


  • Is Hamas to blame for the deaths of three Israeli teens? July 29, 2014
    The kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens just weeks ago, helped escalate already simmering tensions between Israel and Palestinian militants. While speaking to Anderson Cooper last night, Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev blamed Hamas for their deaths. On the same program, Mouin Rabbani, a senior fellow at the Institute for Palestine Studies ca […]
  • The price of air safety July 29, 2014
    The downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 is renewing discussions of installing missile defense systems on airliners. This technology costs about the same price as an in-flight entertainment system. Are airlines and passengers willing to pay for this protection? Jason Carroll takes a closer look. […]
  • What do new sanctions mean for Russia? July 29, 2014
    The United States and the European Union agreed to a new round of sanctions aimed at weakening the Russian economy. Is this enough to persuade Vladimir Putin to change his ways? Michelle Kosinski takes a closer look. […]

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