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About Us

Mission Statement

To Create, Locate, Promote and Support all Ideas and Programs Deemed to Uplift/”Better The World” with their success!

Who we Are

Bettertheworld.org is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to “Bettering The World” in any and all ways possible through Finding, Promoting, Creating, Organizing, and Funding when possible, Projects, Movements, Events, Ideas and Charities that we feel will “Better The World” upon their fulfillment.


Our plan and vision at Bettertheworld.org  is very lofty and  idealistic, however we like to start at as high a goal as we can imagine in a perfect world and work down from there.

Our lofty idealistic goal is to raise awareness, and then solve, the worlds most pressing negative issues that have plagued mankind since recorded history, as well as addressing and solving the  modern issues cropping up from our current accelerated evolution.

These issues Include but are not limited to: War, Poverty, Hunger, Pollution, Injustice, Flawed social and economic systems, Obesity, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and others.

A few of our issues are ‘early age’ moral and character building through pre-school and beyond curriculum / positive media and literature distribution / quality education planning and implementation / shelter and food for  the poor and misplaced / racial, religious and political peace and harmony /  military and troop support / natural disaster relief / global warming awareness / anti-bullying /  long term diplomatic solutions to warring factions / and all other causes and projects deemed to better the world upon fulfillment .

Recently created events and projects

Peace T

Racial and Religious Harmony

CHARACTERnotcolor.org Launches Worldwide Movement to start and maintain a wave of good, peace and love worldwide. To break down the barriers to Peace and Love among all people of the Earth, notably to break down, alleviate and eliminate Ignorance, hatred, violence, oppression and misconception between racial, religious and politically different people worldwide by getting all people to begin to recognize, respect and enjoy their commonalities and to recognize, respect and enjoy their differences. One of our Base Objectives is to “Better The World” by getting more and more presently ignorant, misguided and lost people in the world to start to recognize, respect, share and enjoy the common values they share with their enemies, to recognize, respect and enjoy all the common values and experiences shared among all races, colors and creeds, and come to the enlightenment that underneath the skin we are all the same, that there are good and bad people equally in all races, and that it is the Character contained within the individual that determines whether someone is good or bad and not their Race, Color or Creed. And that Ignorance is our greatest common enemy and the root cause of most ills of the World. It is the goal of CHARACTERnotcolor.org to help all people recognize, understand, enjoy and respect each others differences while noticing, sharing and enjoying our common bonds of humanity. Through forums of inter religious, racial and political dialog, CHARACTERnotcolor.org is impassioned to alleviate misunderstanding and ignorance (the leading causes of hatred and violence) among the different Religious, Racial and Political factions. In doing so, it is the dream of CHARACTERnotcolor.org to cause at least on person filled with ignorance and hate, about to commit a sin of hurting or killing another human being or innocent animal, to think twice at the moment of violence and stop! Saving the life of a Father, Mother, Sister, Brother somewhere on the earth caught in the cross hairs of raging ignorance, hate and violence. To save just one life by enlightening a violent perpetrator to the ignorance of their action.

BetterTheWorld.org, Inc.
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